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71-year-old World Powerlifting Champion from Yakutia

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71-year-old Yakutian Sergei Nikiforov won the gold medal at the World Powerlifting Championships in Orlando (USA)

Petr Davydov, his coach, President of the Association of Paralympic Sports in Yakutia says: “His emotions, of course, run high. A man at that age experienced tremendous success, and his first impressions were amazing that he fulfilled the task set. He went there to challenge himself, his age and physiology. We had been working to reach this result for more than a year.”

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The victorious weight for Sergei Nikiforov in the benchpress was a barbell with a mass of 130 kilograms. According to Petr Davydov, his rivals had the nearest weight of a barbell of 120 kilograms. Thus, the Yakut athlete has far excelled the rivals who are even younger than him.

“Sergei Nikiforov competed in the weight category of 82.5 kg. He is very glad that he was able to win over young veterans who are 50-60 years old, he is satisfied with this result, and happy that he turned out to be a cut above the rest of athletes. This win proves that strong people live in Russia and Yakutia, and if the training approach is correct, then such unique results can be achieved,” Davydov added.

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