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American Mas-Wrestlers like hospitable atmosphere of Championship

  • Published in Sport
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Yesterday, November 22, the US team arrived in Yakutsk to participate in 3rd World Mas-Wrestling Championship. There are thirteen people in the team including 9 athletes.

Montgomery Denvonta Kamal
is going to compete in weight over 125 kilograms. American super heavyweight shared his first impressions: “I made a shot at this sport more than ten months ago. This year, I won the North American Championship held in Canada. We are only a few hours here, immediately felt the Yakut frosts. I liked the atmosphere around the championship very much, we are glad that we arrived at the mas-wrestling homeland. Everyone is friendly, trying to help if we have difficulties.”

Yakutsk will host the World Mas-Wrestling Championship November 24-25 at the Triumph Sports Complex. It will be attended by the strongest athletes from 40 countries.