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Yakutsk is selected capital of 2019 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup

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The Russian Wrestling Federation (RWF) and the United Wrestling World (UWW) reached an agreement to hold the 2019 Freestyle Wrestling World Cup in Yakutsk

However, an official statement will be made during the UWW Technical Commission meeting on December 17 in Belgrade. This was announced by Chairman of the Technical Commission Mikhail Mamiashvili.

“Currently, the last formalities are being put together, and an agreement has been reached with UWW. A meeting of the UWW Technical Commission will be held on December 17 in Belgrade (Serbia), where it will be announced that seven years later the World Cup will be held again in Russia, this time in Yakutsk. The initiator of the competitions is the head of the region and the regional wrestling federation, Aisen Nikolaev, who fully supports sport, and wrestling for the Sakha people comes first. Besides, we are on the way to the Olympic Games, and the arrival of the world best athletes in our country cannot but rejoice. Our guests from around the world will enjoy the delights of Yakutia and taste national delicacies," Mikhail Mamiashvili quotes the official website of the Russian Wrestling Federation.

A few days earlier, the possibility of holding a prestigious tournament in Yakutsk was announced by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev.

The Freestyle Wrestling World Cup will be held in Russia for the fifth time. For the first time, Russia hosted these competitions in 2007 in Krasnoyarsk. After that, in 2008, Vladikavkaz was chosen as the capital of the World Cup, in 2010 - Moscow, and in 2011 - Kaspiysk.

The eight best teams take part in the World Cup. In Budapest 2018, the top eight included Russia, the USA, Georgia, Cuba, Japan, Iran, Mongolia and Turkey. The last time the Russians won the World Cup in 2011, after which Iran won six times in a row. The current holder of the World Cup is the US team, however, we note that due to disagreements within the federation, the Iranians did not participate in the draw, and the Russians missed the World Cup because of the refusal to issue the US visa to a number of our wrestlers.
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