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‘Children of Asia’ flame will be lit at Lena Pillars

  • Published in Sport
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The flame of 'Children of Asia' Games will be lit on December 22 in the 'Lena Pillars' National Park, from there it will be delivered to Yakutsk.

On the eve of the New Year, the flame placed in a special capsule will arrive in Sakhalin, where before the opening of the I Winter 'Children of Asia' International Sports Games a procession of the Games symbol will be held in the region.

Sakhalin has already begun preparations for greeting the flame. Before the start of the competition, the torch light parade is organized here throughout the region, including the Kuril Islands. In the districts of the region, working groups have been set up; by December 10, local specialists should finalize the event scenarios and compile lists of torchbearers. Some areas have already begun to work out the torch procession route.

Flame movements will continue after the New Year holidays. First, the flame will visit the Kuril Islands, and only then it will be greeted in Okha. It will cover all the districts of the Sakhalin region, not only the regional centers, but also the villages of the island. February 9, the symbol of the Games will arrive in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Then there will be the opening of the ‘Children of Asia’ Games, the press service of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Sakhalin Region reports.