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‘Children of Asia’ - top goal of judoists of Udachny

  • Published in Sport
Self-improvement and many hours of grueling training - judokas from Mirny compete at the international tournament.
As a result, they deserved third place. Now they are preparing for the 'Children of Asia' Games.


Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia and Russia, a total of 16 teams, about 800 athletes participated in this judo tournament. Yakutia was represented by two athletes from Udachny, Anastasia Leontieva and Yaroslav Shcheglov, trainees of Nikolai Didenko.

“Our goal is to train the participants born in 2004-2005 for ‘Children of Asia’ Games. Due to financial difficulties, we were not able to take more guys to the tournament, so we have chosen Anastasia Leontieva and Yaroslav Shcheglov," told Nikolai Didenko, highest category senior coach and teacher of the Udachny branch of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex.

They had very strong rivals, but still Yaroslav managed to climb the pedestal.

“It was one of the most difficult competitions I participated in. In terms of level, I would compare it with tournaments in St. Petersburg and other All-Russian tournaments, where the strongest rivals take part. All the guys were well prepared, they expected to win," shared Yaroslav Shcheglov, a trainee of the Udachny branch of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex.

Yaroslav shared a little secret of his success: “Much depends on the mood of the coach at competitions. He helps a lot and I can’t fight without him at competitions. He always tells what technique to use, tricks against one or another opponent.”

Big plans are ahead of judoists from Udachny, but the most important goal in the foreseeable future is the preparation and participation in the 7th 'Children of Asia' International Sports Games.