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Opening of 'Children of Asia' Games on Sakhalin - sold out in 1.5 hours

  • Published in Sport
sakhalin Ch of Asia
For the first half hour of sales, Sakhalin residents bought all 3.6 thousand tickets for the opening ceremony of Ist Winter Children’s International Sports Games, which will be held on the island in February, the organizers of the competition said on Friday.

Online ticket sales for the opening ceremony of the Games to be held on February 9, started on Thursday evening. It was planned that special sales points would also be opened on the island later, but this is not required anymore.

"All the tickets for the grand opening of 1st Winter ‘Children of Asia’ Games were sold out during the first hour and a half," said in a statement.

The organizers remind that those who did not manage to purchase tickets will be able to watch the opening live on the local OTV television channel. Also, the ceremony will be broadcast on the official games website.