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Archer Mikhail Simushin – Yakutia’s hopeful

  • Published in Sport
January 28-31 Orel hosted the Russian Cup in archery.
The student of the Olympic Reserve School, Mikhail Simushin, won a bronze medal. He won a medal in the most prestigious discipline - shooting a classic bow.

This is not the first victory of our athlete: he won at the republican, Far Eastern and Russian competitions. Mikhail Simushin got used to achieve a stable result.

Last year in December, Chita hosted traditional All-Russian archery competitions for the prizes of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic medalist, President of the Russian Archery Federation, Vladimir Yesheev. More than 250 strongest athletes took part in the competition, Mikhail Simushin ranked third in the “classic bow” discipline.

If you reflect on the past, Mikhail started out in 2012 at the 'Children of Asia' Games and won the gold medal. In 2013, he won the gold at the All-Russian archery competition Russia’s Hopefuls. In 2015, Simushin took third place in the championship of the Siberian Federal District and the Far Eastern Federal District. In the same year, he became the champion of the republic for the first time, having sidelined Ayaal Fedorov from Suntar.

A trainee of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex Simushin represents the Mirny district at the republican competitions and is considered one of the most promising athletes of the republic. He works out under the leadership of his first coach Aleksandr Filatov, who founded archery in the Mirny district. Mikhail Simushin and his coach express their gratitude to Viktor Komlev, Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport and George Yust, Director of ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex for support. Now the athlete and his coach are engaged in the Olympic Reserve School in Yakutsk.

Mikhail and Filatov

Coach Aleksandr Filatov spoke about the preparation for the Russian Cup:

- We conducted three stages of training on the basis of the Olympic Reserve School and the Dokhsun Sports Complex. All selections passed, everything is stable, Michael is constantly in the lead. Most importantly, in the preparation, we focused on the shootout. This is an extra shot when rivals get the same result. He who gets closer to the x-ring wins. He didn’t quite succeed, and in the third stage we worked on this. Our “homework” helped a lot at the competition, because from the first round we started shooting early. He had equal points with his rivals twice in a row and was always the winner in a shootout. And in the final, in the fight for third place, he competed with Erdem Tsydypov. The score was 5: 5, and in the shootout, Mikhail got into the central x-ring. Skill in the shootout helped us a lot.
Our first and second stages were as follows: we shoot one day, the second day we do general physical training (cross-country and exercises).
We express our gratitude to the administration of the Mirny district, the sports committee of the Mirny district and the Ministry of Sports of the republic. They helped us with the preparation and the trip to the test starts in Chita. This helped us a lot. There he finished third, defeating Olympic medalist Bair Badenov. These starts gave us a sense of confidence. Mirny constantly supports us. Earlier, when Mikhail was in school, ALROSA helped us all the time. We started both in the Mirny district, then in 2013 we moved to Yakutsk. I sent him to the Olympic Reserve School, then in three months I moved to Yakutsk as well.