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Mirny Swimming School is ready to move to a new level: We need to raise the bar all the time

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The recent success of swimmers from the Diamond Land is related to the work of the coach team working at sports facilities of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex in Mirny and Aikhal.
The Sport of Yakutia correspondent spoke with a young specialist who recently returned with medals from the only in the Far East All-Russian Tournament Amurskie tigryata (Amur Tiger Cubs), Anton Kasyan.


As part of the national team of Yakutia at a competition in Khabarovsk, where more than 300 athletes from 10 regions of the Far East and Siberia competed, a team of Mirny showed the best result. They won two silver and seven bronze medals.

- Anton Leonidovich, congratulations on your successful participation in the most prestigious tournament in our region! How did you manage to prepare such a strong team?

- Honestly, we didn’t even expect that the competitions would be so successful for our guys. They just surprised me, because the level of the tournament was just off the scale. But our young athletes have pleased us. As you know, we in Mirny mainly have the task of the population health improvement, and only in recent years we have begun to pay more attention to the sports component. In the city we have two swimming pools - Kristall and the Olymp recreation complex. I have been working at Kristall for the fourth year and have been working with the guys in the sports group, which is attended by about 150 swimmers from 7 to 14 years old. We train children with Venera Chernogradskaya. Venera Vasilievna is engaged in initial training, and I work with training groups. In health improving groups there are more than 100 people. The coaching staff consists of four coaches and two swimming instructors. There is also a swimming pool in Aikhal.

- But still in Mirny there is no sports school yet that could show results at large tournaments. What accounts for your success?

- If earlier we worked more for the large-scale involvement, now the coaches are promoting their own programs, we are trying to work at the level of the Children and Youth Sports School. This is the organization of a continuous training process, the required volume, individual work with young athletes. I am glad that in the city we already have a swimming culture. A lot of citizens, employees of ALROSA swim in the pool. But at the same time there is a need to find time for training young athletes. After all, athletic performance is achieved only if you work seriously in practice.

- How many competitions do you have in the city? How active are young athletes participating in city tournaments?

- In the calendar school year, we hold eight large tournaments in Mirny. Besides, in our pool, we regularly hold competitions in the kinds of swimming - Day of the Crawl, Day of the Breast Stroke, etc. Competitions are very lively, because athletes should always strive for new heights and find motivation for further growth of skill. In November, we competed at the 'Olympic Hopefuls' republican tournament in Yakutsk. Selected 12 guys and won 25 gold, 13 silver and one bronze awards.

- That’s great! And what plans do you set for yourself in the future?

- Our working conditions are excellent - a perfect base, a six lanes pool, it's a dream job! It is only necessary to properly organize the process and the results will be even better. I am sure about that. And in the future we would like to become competitive not only at the level of the republic, but also to represent Yakutia at All-Russian and international tournaments. We hope that our trainee Ksenia Zagorskaya will become a member of the national team of the republic at the 'Children of Asia' Games 2020 in Mongolia.

This year, the management of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex makes advances for us and we will have more outbound competitions. Last summer we went to training camps in the Crimea, we would also like to go this year. The parents help us in this. In general, we are very lucky with the parents of our young athletes. They are always ready to help us, motivating their children to go in for sports. Also in 2019, we plan to hold another training camp during the winter holidays in a sports base, for example, in Thailand.

- Tell me, how did you start swimming? And how did you find calling as a coach?

- I started swimming when I was 7 years old. My parents made me come to the pool for the swimming group, and at first it was very difficult for me to adapt to the constant loads and trainings. But I was never afraid to overcome difficulties, to struggle with myself - sport makes people. In the future, it always helps in life. I try to teach this to my students. You know, at the age of 15, I was injured and could no longer train to become an athlete, but I couldn’t quit swimming. After school, I entered Zaporozhye National University in Ukraine and received a specialty of a coach. I graduated from the magistracy in physical education.

- Swimming is really a very difficult technical sport, and moreover, there is very serious muscle loading here. How do you motivate your wards?

- Yes, swimming is a very difficult sport. Here you have to be perfectly trained physically, work out hard, and hone your tactical skills. In addition, when an athlete swims, he must constantly control his breath, the movement of his arms, legs and torso. So, I try to find time for games and recreation. Together we go to the rink or to the cinema. It helps cheer ourselves with new emotions and gain strength. In addition, the coach should always talk to parents, they should also be able to find the right words for their children. You should always encourage your child, say that he will succeed. Here in my group there was one girl who was the weakest of all at the beginning of her workouts, at first she couldn’t do anything. She was always the last. But she worked and worked. And now she shows best results. She was accustomed to always strive upwards, and she did succeed step by step.

- And what would you recommend for people at the advanced age who want to practice in the pool? After all, swimming is a great way to improve health.

- First of all, they need to take the first step and come to the pool. And there it is necessary to consult with an instructor, who, first of all, should show you how to breathe properly. Without this element, you can waste your time, because you will get tired very quickly and will be able to swim only a short distance.

- Thank you, Anton Leonidovich for the conversation, success attend you!

Interviewed by Stepan POSELSKY
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