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Next ‘Children of Asia’ Winter Games will be held in Kemerovo

  • Published in Sport
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The following 'Children of Asia' Winter International Sports Games will be held in the Kemerovo region. This was announced by the head of the region Sergei Tsivilev on his official Facebook page.

The head of the Kemerovo region Sergei Tsivilev said that the decision was made at a meeting of the region’s delegation with Dmitry Glushko, President of the International Games.

"The ‘Children of Asia’ Games will be held in the Kemerovo region! This right was achieved by our delegation headed by my first deputy Vyacheslav Telegin. They met with the President of the International Games, Dmitry Glushko and proved that Mezhdurechensk, Novokuznetsk and Tashtagol can host an event on this scale. The initiative was supported by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia, Olga Golodets,” the governor said from sheer joy.

The head of the region also thanked his colleagues for their trust, and added that the Kuzbass people deserve to witness such a grand event. "We will hold it in the region," he concluded. But the year when the region will host the Games is not settled yet, it will be either 2021 or 2023. The organizers of the games will take the final decision on the date.

Recall that these days Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is hosting the First Winter ‘Children of Asia’ International Sports Games. The homeland of the Games is Yakutia, where they are held every four years since 1996 on the initiative of the first president of the republic, Mikhail Nikolaev. Winter competitions are held for the first time.