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The national team of Mongolia - 19 athletes at the World Cup

  • Published in Sport
FS57 MGL Tuvshintulga TUMENBILEG 696x425
19 athletes in ten weight categories will be part of the national team of Mongolia at the upcoming 2019 World Cup. In each weight category (with the exception of only a division of up to 92 kg), the team from East Asia will be represented by wrestlers of the first team and reserve, reports YSIA with reference to the official website of the World Cup.

The national team of Mongolia previously consists of 27 people. In addition to athletes, the team has three coaches, a doctor, a judge, a team leader and two representatives of the Mongolian Wrestling Federation. Dolgorsurengiyn Dagvadorzh will lead the team - the 68th yokodzuna in sumo history (retired). In the world of sumo, the legendary wrestler is better known as Asashori, which means Morning Blue Dragon. For Dolgorsurengiyn Dagvadorzh it will not be the first visit to Yakutia. In the fall of 2012, he was an honorary guest of the Dmitry Korkin international freestyle wrestling tournament.

And the Mongolian wrestling team itself is also a frequent guest of our republic. They are regular participants of traditional international tournaments held in Yakutsk in memory of Dmitry Korkin and Roman Dmitriev. In March in Yakutsk we will see all the current and leading wrestlers of the Mongolian team.

Among the most titled are the winners of the World Championships and the winners of the Asian Games Erdenebat Behbayar (57 kg) and Ganzorig Mandakhnaran (70 kg). And the most experienced master, silver medalist of the World Championship and five-time medalist of the Asian Championships, Unurbat Purevzhav (79 kg). Double-time winners of the Asian Championships Batchuluun Batmagnai (65 kg) and Tuvshintulga Tumenbileg (57 kg) will show their mastery. Participant of the Olympic Games, two-time winner of the Asian championships Uitumen Orgodol will try his hand in the weight category up to 86 kg. In the Triumph Sports Training Center, we will see the rising star of the Mongol wrestling, winner of many international tournaments, including the Roman Dmitriev Memorial 2018, Tumur-ochir Tulga.

FS70 MGL Mandakhnaran GANZORIG

Mongolia’s bid for the 2019 World Cup
  1. Erdenebat BEKHBAYA (57 kg)
  2. Tumenbileg TUVSHINTULGA (57 kg)
  3. Tseveensuren TSOGBADRAKH (61 kg)
  4. Gansukh OTGONBAATAR (61 kg)
  5. Tumur-ochir TULGA (65 kg)
  6. Batchuluun BATMAGNAI (65 kg)
  7. Ganzorig MANDAKHNARAN (70 kg)
  8. Enkhtuya TEMUULEN (70 kg)
  9. Byambasuren BAT-ERDENE (74 kg)
  10. Bat-erdene BYAMBADORJ (74 kg)
  11. Purevjav UNURBAT (79 kg)
  12. Denzensharav TUGS-ERDENE (79 kg)
  13. Orgodol UITUMEN (86 kg)
  14. Enkhbayar BYAMBADORJ (86 kg)
  15. Baasantsogt ULZIISAIKHAN (92 kg)
  16. Luvsandorj TURTOGTOKH (97 kg)
  17. Ulziisaikhan BATZUL (97 kg)
  18. Natsagsuren ZOLBOO (125 kg)
  19. Munkhtur LKHAGVAGEREL (125 kg)

Mongolia, by the way, is considered to be a wrestling nation. Over the past five years, the team from East Asia regularly takes part in tournaments of the team World Cup. And if in 2014 the team from Mongolia took the fifth place in the team event, then in the next four tournaments (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) the team always ranked sixth.

Recall that in the World Cup in freestyle wrestling among men March 15-17 in Yakutsk wrestlers from eight countries will take part. The team of Mongolia in its group will compete for the finals with the teams of the USA, Georgia and Iran.