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Mirny - Chernyshevsky: the distance is not an obstacle for futsal

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The 26th Futsal Championship of ALROSA First League completed last week. Andrey Kulagin, senior coach and upper category teacher of the ALROSA ‘60th Anniversary of Victory’ Cultural and Sports Complex has summed up the results of the competition.

- Tell us, how was the championship?

- We have finished only the first league, the top one is still playing. The first league involved 20 teams, which were divided into three subgroups. Then two teams of each subgroup formed the final six for entering the top league. Only three teams play for entering the top league. The first place was taken by the team UMTS, the second place - by ATM, the third - by KSK, the fourth - by MUAD, the fifth - Energiya (Chernyshevsky), the sixth - Alda (Kyrgyz community).

- What are your impressions of the championship?

- Everything went smoothly at the championship, as for the teams - there are only 10 of them, all about of the same level. Therefore, the games were quite intense, even unpredictable in some moments. Of course, it was not without surprises - a very strong team, RSSU did not make it to the six. They hired the football players because they wanted to enter the top league, but they could not get out of the group.

And we have a team from the village of Chernyshevsky playing, they cover more than 100 kilometers every week. They come and play. There is a team from the village of Svetly, which is 70 kilometers from Mirny. The guys from the village of Arylakh, the village of Almazny, play. They all play in the first league.

The championship began in October and ended on February 3, and now the ALROSA Olympics (Spartakiad) is taking place. If you can take two legionaries into the team in the first league, then only company employees participate in the Olympics. 15 teams are playing. The 26th Top League Championship is still ongoing, with nine teams participating. The KSK team is leading there, Almazavtomatika is on the second place, VGSCH is on the third place, Utum is the fourth (team from Lensk), Shakhtyor is on the fifth place.

- Where do you train future athletes?

- At the Sports Palace. We have 266 children training from the 1st to the 10th grades, four coaches are engaged with them. Classes are from 7 am to 4 pm.

- Are there teams that participate in Russian competitions?

- The team of the Mirny district is a three-time champion of the republic, a two-time winner of the Cup of the Republic. Now the guys are going to the republican competitions and, if successful, they will fly to the finals of the Russian championship on March 1. For three years in a row we participated in the final competitions, and we hope for the fourth time.

- What are your plans for the future?

- We want to compete successfully at the republican, then at the Russian competitions. Then there will be the City Cup, in August Lensk will host a training camp with very good conditions: artificial field, indoor pool. There we train for three weeks.

UMTS - The Best

The UMTS team, which won the first place, confidently spent the whole tournament and did not lose a single match, winning the championship ahead of schedule. Also at the awards ceremony, the best athletes were identified, among which were the UMTS players.

The best defender is Sergey Loskutov, fitter of technological installations at the Fuel Refueling Station of the Nakyn branch;

The top scorer - Anatoly Varzin, master of loading and unloading operations of the Nakyn branch, who scored 19 goals at the championship;

The best player of the tournament is goalkeeper Pavel Repin (engineer).

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