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New names of the American team. US application for the 2019 World Cup

  • Published in Sport
Inexperienced youth and vague prospects for victory in Yakutsk

The day before the application list of the USA national team for participation in the World Cup in freestyle wrestling became known. The team from North America will consist of young wrestlers obsessed with victory. The coaching staff of the current owners of the main team trophy in the world wrestling decided to test athletes in Yakutsk, who have not yet shown great results at the international level.

According to the official website of the 2019 World Cup, as part of the US team, we will see prize winner of the World Student Championship Zack Sanders (57 kg), winner of the intercontinental Cup medal Nico Megaludis (61 kg), winner of the US championship Zain Retherford (65 kg), the champion of the Dave Schultz international tournament Jason Chamberlain (70 kg), prize winner of the world championship Isaiah Martinez and others.

Unfortunately, fans will not see another fight between Olympic champions Kyle Snyder and Abdulrashid Sadulaev. Fans also will not see the meeting of world champion 2018 David Taylor and gold medal winner of the Rio 2016 Iranian Hassan Yazdani.

However, American athletes who have not yet achieved high-profile victories on the world carpets surprise us every year. Wrestlers regularly compete in student leagues that are very popular in the US, Pan-American championships and other international competitions, which often remain in the shadows and are known only to the most thorough freestyle wrestling experts. Unknown to the general public, athletes from overseas regularly win medals at the Olympic Games. One has only to recall the victory of Henry Cejudo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics or the heavyweight Jacob Warner, who became the champion in London in 2012. A star of J'den Cox was born at the Games in Rio de Janeiro when he won bronze. There are quite a few such examples in the history of freestyle wrestling. So we have the right to expect the rise of a new star of world sports in Yakutsk.

In Yakutsk, the US team will fight under the leadership of the coaching staff in the person of Bill Zadick, Joe Russell and Dustin Schlatter.

US team for the 2019 World Cup

57 kg: Zack Sanders

57 kg: Zane Richards

61 kg: Nico Megaludis

65 kg: Zain Retherford

70 kg: Jason Chamberlain

74 kg: Isaiah Martinez

79 kg: Thomas Gantt

86 kg: Sam Brooks

92 kg: Hayden Zillmer

97 kg: Kyven Gadson

125 kg: Tony Nelson