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Next ‘Children of Asia’ Games to be held in 2021

  • Published in Sport
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The 2nd Winter ‘Children of Asia’ International Games will be held in 2021, the venue will be announced next month, Dmitry Glushko, President of the international Games Committee, told reporters in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Saturday.

“We, together with colleagues from the Olympic committees of Asian countries, discussed that winter sports are developing so rapidly that games need to be held every two years. The next Winter ‘Children of Asia’ Games will be in 2021, where they will be held - we will announce in the coming month,” said Dmitry Glushko.

He added that several regions of the Russian Federation and several Asian countries, including the United Arab Emirates, expressed a desire to host the second winter games.

Glushko added that "Sakhalin is the best place today where games should be held," and the ‘Children of Asia’ will return here. He also thanked the Sakhalin residents for the hospitality and high level of organization of international competitions.

In his opinion, the intense competition for gold medals at the first winter games proves that "the teams brought strong athletes." “At the Children of Asia, we saw the birth of new stars. I am sure that we will see them at the Youth Olympic Games in Switzerland next year,” he said.

On Saturday evening, the closing ceremony of the first ‘Children of Asia’ Winter Games took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (the Games started on February 9).

According to the organizing committee of the Games, a team of athletes from the Urals Federal District was leading in the medal standings, having won 10 gold, 5 silver and 9 bronze medals. The second place went to the team from Moscow, the third place – to Sakhalin. Yakutia ranked tenth with six medals (three silver, three bronze).

As reported, over a thousand athletes and representatives of teams from 20 countries came to Sakhalin to participate in the Games.

91 sets of medals were won in eight sports: cross-country skiing and biathlon, short track, figure skating, hockey, downhill skiing and snowboarding, ski jumping.

Source: Interfax - Far East «Интерфакс — Дальний Восток»