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How to bring up basketball champions

  • Published in Sport
MirniyBasket 1
The Mirny schoolchildren once again showed that they are the best basketball players in the basketball championship among students for the comprehensive Olympics of students of the republic.

MirniyBasket 2

Competitions were held in mid-February. This year, the Mirny district presented teams of people born in 2002-2003.
In connection with the cancellation of lessons at school in some areas, only teams from Yakutsk, Mirny, Lensky and Neryungri districts were represented at the championship. But on the contrary, it made the games more spectacular. After all, each match in the end turned out to be decisive and the teams gave one hundred percent and went all out to win.
According to the results of two days of competition, the combined teams of girls and boys of the Mirny district became the best - the gold medalists of the competition. The girls for the fourth time in a row defended their right to the title of Champions of the Republic with a score of 38-28, and the young men increased their level of the game and easily beat their principal adversary from Yakutsk in the final with a score of 51-27 in favor of Mirny. It is worth noting that in the past championship, they still reached the final and took second place.

We talked with team coach Filyus Faizullin about how the district team was preparing. As it turned out, there is no secret in the team of champions - this is the result of a long and systematic work. We caught him in Yakutsk, just before the departure of the team back to Mirny.

Coach Faizullin
- Hello, are you satisfied with the result of the competition?

Yes, of course I am satisfied, children of 2002-2003 years of birth participated in our republic championship and both teams took the first place. Then we participated in the ‘Kes-basketball’ tournament of the School Basketball League and there, too, took the first place. Thus, we got the opportunity to participate in the competitions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Competitions will be held in Vladivostok March 3-7.
The children have been waiting for this victory for a long time, this year they gained experience and took the first place and are ready to continue to train. Children do not get used to victories, each time emotions run high. The final is an equal score, and we pull out the victory through training and endurance.
If the team is only technically ready, then it may not be enough. We envisage all aspects and try to ensure that players evenly distribute forces.

- How do you train, since your charges repeatedly become champions of the republic?

We train, additionally conduct classes in the arena, we are engaged in athletics, we develop endurance and three times a week we have trainings in the gym with balls for tactics. Besides me, another coach Konstantin Aleksandrov is engaged in training the guys.
In Mirny, our children-champions have been studying for 5-6 years already, since that time everything started to revive, I mean the school level. There is basketball in Mirny, in general. Now we are specifically developing this sport at the level of the school team.

- For how long have you been working with children?

I myself am a basketball coach by education. Before that I coached in the Republic of Bashkortostan, where I grew up, trained and studied. I came to Mirny not so long ago, about three years ago. Now I work at the ALROSA Sports Complex. By the way, the Company finances our trips to the competitions.

MirniyBasket 3
- What can help children become champions?

The main thing is desire. As a sport, this is a team game, not just one or two people. You need to have 10 - 15 people so that they have a conscious desire to train and play basketball. Children need the help of parents, physical education teachers at school. This all contributes to the inculcation of children to a healthy lifestyle.
In the trainings themselves, all moments are important. We sharpen the technique, tactically prepare the team. Everyone should know where and how he should play, where he should open up, where he should get the ball.

- Can you name the strongest players?

Our players are all strong. Everyone in his position plays at a good level. Although I can single out three players. Artem Bobrovsky received the title of the best player of the championship, he is a student of school # 26 of Mirny. Denis Martenson is our main point guard and Sergey Samoilov made the main contribution to our victory in the championship.

MirniyBasket 4

- What are your future plans?

We plan to go to the games of the Far Eastern District, and there, depending on the result, we will decide more specifically on what plan to work. Next year we will participate in the Republic Championship. We will try to apply for participation in the Championship of Russia. These are our plans, just plans.

MirniyBasket 5

- What can you advise young athletes?

I advise them to play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, do more in the gym, than sit at the computer or phubbing. It is also necessary to devote sufficient time to study, since studying is the most important thing. If children have problems with their studies, they may not even be allowed to go to competitions.