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Aldan mines gold in futsal

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February 21-24, the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace in Mirny hosted futsal battles of the Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Men's first league teams competed for the championship.

Only six of the eight strongest teams from Yakutia took part in the futsal championship. It should be added that the Neryungri district, as well as last year’s champion of the republic, the city of Yakutsk, could not participate due to financial difficulties. This means that next year Neryungri and Yakutsk will automatically descend into the next division and will play in the second league.

The championship was had a circular system. In addition to the Mirny team, the Aldan, Lensky, Megino-Kangalass, Olekma and Ust-Aldan districts took part in the tournament.

All matches were held in an exciting and very hard struggle. Suffice it to say that no team has passed the championship without losses on points. The team from Olekminsk didn’t fit a bit into the overall picture not having scored any points and taking the sixth place. Football players from Ust-Aldan Ulus ranked fifth with four points. The Megino-Kangalass team ranked fourth with five points.

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Until the last round, it was not clear how the teams would be distributed on the pedestal. After the Lensky and Aldan districts played a 2-2 draw, and the Mirny team, in turn, played 1: 1 with Aldan footballers, the difference between the goals scored and the goals conceded has settled the situation. The Mirny team was to win the team from Lensk with a five-goal difference to become champions. The team from Lensk needed to win with any score to become the winner of the championship. But neither one nor the other in the end was destined to win the championship of the republic. Because the match between these teams ended with a score of 5-4 in favor of Mirny. This ruined the plans of both teams and led the athletes from Aldan to the champion's title, who were ahead of the players from the Diamond Province (silver medalists), only by the difference of goals scored and given away. The third place, behind point from the winner, was taken by players from the banks of the Lena River.

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Maksim Rodin (Aldan district) was recognized as Best Goalkeeper of the tournament, Best Defender - Ivan Sidorov (Lensky district), Best Forward - Vladimir Prominsky (Mirny district), Best Scorer - Oleg Kislitsa (Lensky district, 8 goals), Best Player - Aleksandr Bulanovsky (Aldan district). 

Photo: Dinar Murataev
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