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Dzambolat Tedeev: Victory at the World Cup is completely logical

  • Published in Sport
Russia wins
The Russian national freestyle wrestling team naturally won the World Cup in Yakutsk and is on the right path before major international competitions, head coach of the national team Dzambolat Tedeev told RIA Novosti.

After eight years, Russian freestyle wrestlers once again became winners in the World Cup, which ended on Sunday in the capital of Yakutia. In the final match, the hosts of the tournament with a score of 9: 1 won against rivals from the Iranian national team. The previous success of the team is dated 2011, the Russian team then achieved a similar victory at the tournament held in Makhachkala.

“The victory of the Russian national team at the World Cup is completely natural,” said the head coach of the national team Dzambolat Tedeev. “If someone had doubts about our power before the start of the tournament, now, I think, they have disappeared. Today I am pleased with our team. And winning the World Cup says that we are on the right path - all the guys are in good shape. And now the team is preparing for new serious international competitions.”

“I am pleased with the way our guys had the final fights today,” said Tedeev. “And it was noticeable that all athletes are well prepared for the tournament. All fought well, except for the fight in the weight category up to 92 kg. I didn't hurt that we haven't won with a score of 10: 0. This is a sport. Where there is a defeat, then there is a victory. Therefore, failures should be treated with understanding."

In the match for third place, the US team has won over the Japanese team - 6: 4. In the fifth final position, the Cubans defeated the Mongols - 6: 4. The Georgians took the seventh place, defeating the Turks, who took the last place - 8: 2.