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ALROSA will hold the CHEER Festival

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Famous hockey stars will come to the cities of the Diamond Province - Mirny, Udachny and Aikhal. This was made possible by the joint work of ALROSA and the Russian Hockey Federation.

March 21 - 27, the CHEER hockey festival will take place in three cities where ALROSA is present. By tradition, the Russian hockey stars will visit the Festival in the Near Arctic.

Eight master classes, six friendly meetings with a series of shootouts, four trainings, autograph sessions and a new communication format 101 Questions to the Champion - all this will be available to residents of Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny at the end of March with the participation of the 1984 Olympic champion, Mikhail Vasiliev, the silver medalist of the 2005 Russian championship, Aleksandr Boykov and champion of Russia, Gagarin Cup winner Igor Grigorenko.

This year the festival program is rather eventful. The CHEER Festival starts in Udachny on March 21. Here, over the course of two days, meetings, socializing and learning the basics of hockey for children from 6 to 16 years old will be held at the local ice arena, community center and schools of the town.

In Aikhal, athletes will share the know-how with children from 8 to 15 years old on March 23 and 24. Master classes and the off-ice trainings for young trainees of the hockey section will be held in the sports and fitness complex and the ice hockey rink.

The end of the hockey festival will be meetings in Mirny, which will be held on March 26 and 27. Here, from morning to evening, master classes, friendly meetings and autograph sessions will be organized for children of different ages.

At the end of each day of the festival in Mirny, Udachny and Aikhal, the invited athletes with the participation of local teams will hold ice hockey games and demonstration shootouts.

The festival will have a presenter and a photographer from the Russian Hockey Federation. Each festival participant will receive badges and cards for autographs, where the legends of the Soviet and Russian hockey guests will leave memorable notes. In addition, according to the results of master classes and friendly games, participants who show best results will receive unique souvenirs - hockey sticks and pucks, signed by players of the Russian national hockey team: Kirill Kaprizov, forward of the KHL CSKA, champion of the 2018Winter Olympics; Nikita Nesterov, KHL CSKA defender, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, and Ivan Telegin, forward of the KHL CSKA, 2018 Olympic champion, two-time bronze medalist of world championships, Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the Mirny district, so it is assumed that this year the hockey festival will be visited by about a thousand people. Thus, in 2018, several hundred children and adults of the Diamond Province became participants in the hockey festival. The CHEER Festival launched in December 2017, when ALROSA invited basketball and acrobatic rock and roll stars to the Diamond Province of Yakutia. Within two weeks, free workshops, open classes and demonstration matches, lectures on healthy lifestyles were attended by several thousand children and adults.

ALROSA has been organizing the festival for several years together with its sports and cultural partners, providing them charitable and sponsorship support. Such partners include the VTB United League, the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock and Roll, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and the Russian Wrestling Federation.
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