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Russia wins the World Cup for the seventh time

  • Published in Sport
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The World Cup in Yakutsk is the benchmark of the competition, experts and guests agreed, who were amazed by the attention of the organizers and fans to their favorite sport. In these two days, the Triumph Center has indeed become the world center of free-style wrestling.

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Wrestling is one of the few sports in which the Russian team excelled in the team competition at all the Olympic Games. To date, wrestling is developing in 73 regions of the country. It was Russia that played a decisive role in keeping wrestling in the program of the Olympic Games, as well as reforming this sport. And last weekend, the Russian national team became the winner of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling.

ALROSA pays great attention to sport

“The Russian wrestling is the undisputed world leader in this sport. One of the partners of the Russian Wrestling Federation and the Wrestling Federation of the RS (Y) is AK ALROSA, which, according to the terms of the agreement with the federations, has become a partner of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. ALROSA pays great attention to the implementation of social programs in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and in the Russian Federation as a whole. Supporting this one of the most democratic sports, ALROSA contributes to the development of sports in our country, the formation of the value system of a new generation based on the desire for victory, respectful competition, healthy lifestyle,” Deputy Director General of ALROSA Aleksei Dyachkovsky noted.

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According to the results of the competition, the Russian national team became the seven-time winner of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. For Russian freestyle wrestlers, the victory in the World Cup was the seventh in history, six times the Russians won at home: in Moscow (1992, 2010), Krasnoyarsk (2007), Vladikavkaz (2008), Makhachkala (2011) and Yakutsk (2019). The only time the Russians won a victory outside the country in 1998 in Stillwater, USA.

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Also, according to the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation, the next serious test for the national team before the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will be the World Championship in Astana. At the world championship, which will be held September 14-22, six winners of these competitions will go to the Olympics in Tokyo.