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ALROSA launches an updated sports contest for young professionals

  • Published in Sport
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The last days of March were marked by a spectacular event for young ALROSA specialists - the long-awaited SportFest Youth Games. What is SportFest Games? What other steps will SportFest have?

I stage SportFest
is a novelty of 2019, an event that has never been held by young professionals, and thus it is interesting and unique. First of all, it has a unique format. The format of the Spartakiad is uniting sports competitions that are familiar and beloved by young specialists, such as the Diamond Dolphin, Zimushka-Zima, and Tourist Camp. If all stages are already familiar to young employees of the Company and were held earlier. What, then, is the highlight of the SportFest Games now?

“This year we have packed all the sporting events that were held earlier into one big one - this is the SportFest Youth Sports Contest. The SportsFest Games consist of four stages. The first stage took place in the ‘Kristall’ swimming pool.

The highlight of the Games will be the 4th stage, which was not previously conducted. This is CrossFit. A power track with many obstacles will be the final stage for the strongest young professionals.

Zimushka-Zima stage will be more varied, but this is a surprise, which the participants will definitely like. In general, the Games will be very interesting and eventful," tells Valeria Ivanova, who chairs the Board of the ALROSA Young Specialists Association.

Valeria Ivanova

Diamond Dolphin
The opening of the Games at the same time became its first stage and was marked by the Diamond Dolphin competition. On March 24, 12 of the fastest swimming, dexterous teams gathered in the Kristall swimming pool to compete for the title of winner of the first stage. Each team was represented by seven participants.

The athletes gave a try (5 stages) competing in agility, quickness, coordination and solidarity of the team. The organizers did their best to make contests as diverse and interesting as possible. Various swimming equipment was used for the event, including inflatable mattresses and ropes. The participants had to dive, search for treasure, raft, climb inflatable islands - do everything to win. All teams coped perfectly. The team of ‘Phoenix’ Sports Center became the winner of the first stage of SportFest, second and third places were taken by the ‘Nakyn-style’ team of Nakyn Division and ‘Catch the Wave’ team of UMTS. But despite the fact who won, and who lost, all the teams gave a hundred percent.

“The first stage of the Games was not bad, I myself supported each participant and cheered everybody. For me, all the teams are equal, especially since we work in one big company. No matter who won, I believe that the main thing here is participation. Participation in competitions is a commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle, and everyone benefits from this,” shared the Chief Judge of the competition Kristina Yakukhnova.

Kristina Yakukhnova

What about the fans?
I would like to mention the fans, without whom the competition cannot do. They showed themselves full force, stirringly and loudly cheering their teams. They shouted, whistled, hummed, thundered - they did everything to support swimmers. Every team of fans had a poster in support of their participants. Such activity of the fans, of course, could not go unnoticed - four of the loudest and most active fans were awarded memorable gifts from the district youth committee.

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In the meantime, young ALROSA specialists are looking forward to the next stage of the Games, the organizers promise to make it even hotter and more interesting!