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CHEER Festival: Positive energy of ALROSA in Yakutsk

  • Published in Sport
Nastroenie Yakutsk
The CHEER Festival of ALROSA, which is very popular in the Mirny district, will scale up next week in Yakutsk. April 18 - 20, master classes in acrobatic rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie and breakdancing and a gala concert Trust, Dream, Fly will be held in the ‘50 Years of Victory’ Palace of Sports.

“Acrobatic rock and roll clubs of Yakutsk are strong. Master classes from leading athletes will help further increase this level, and for beginner athletes this is an opportunity to develop in this stunning entertainment sport,”
said in the press service of the Company.

Honored masters of sports in acrobatic rock and roll, five-time world champions Olga Sbitneva and Ivan Yudin will come to the delight of fans. The direction of the boogie-woogie will be presented by world champions in the Formation Mixed category, finalists of world championships and world cups Svetlana Gavrilova and Aleksei Gavrilov. And the third direction of the festival, which has recently been maintained at the country level, and introduced into the Olympic sports - breakdance. World champions Predatorz Crew, namely Aslan Nyrov - Bootuz and Sultan Nyrov - FastFoot, whom the Yakut break dancers know pretty well, will represent this direction.

“It is great that Bootuz and FastFoot come to Yakutsk. We have known the Predatorz team for a long time. FastFoot had already visited us earlier, and last year the guys from the PhoenixCrew brought one more member of their team Jamala. They are world champions, and in the world of dance breaking it’s a cool team. In Yakutsk, such events are held not often, it is great that ALROSA included breakdance into this festival. We will definitely attend master classes, it’s good that they are free. Many of our guys are ready to take time off from work, and it would be nice to just chat with them in an informal setting,” shared Ivan Adamov - bboy Rover, a member of the Yakut team Dexterous Crew.


Master classes will be held on April 18 and 19. During each day, 3 master classes will be held in each direction, On April 20, there will be two Trust, Dream, Fly gala concerts. The event is held absolutely free for all. The festival is organized by ALROSA and the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock and Roll.