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Vasilii Egorov will mount the ring on August, 12

vsdfasdfSAFSAThe Yakut athlete VasiliiEgorov will hold his first fight in the Bulgarian land on August, 12.Following the results of the drawing procedure, he missed the first round of the competition. The Spanish boxer Samuel Carmona Heredia will come against him in the quarterfinals, who yesterdaycreated a small sensationin the 1/8 finals, having defeated the Italian Manuel Kappaiwith a score of 2: 1.
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The sixth “Children of Asia” ISG presented in the Far East

sdfsdfsdsdfThe sixth “Children of Asia” ISG, to be held in Yakutsk on July 5-17 2016, were unveiledduringthe meeting, which took place in Khabarovsk on July 27, on providing conditions for engaging in physical culture and mass sports, development of mass sports infrastructure, and implementation of GTO complex.
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