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My life is total mas wrestling!

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In the course of my life, I am getting more and more convinced that the expression "Oh, Sport, you are the world!" is so true. When I was a child, my parents always took me to all trainings and competitions, we often participated in competitions, "Mom, Dad and I - a sports family". We would get up at 7:00 am with my father and run for at least 3 km, did morning exercises.
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Contest for 2016 Children of Asia Games mascot


The International Committee of the Children of Asia Games has announced the competition for the mascot of the VI Children of Asia International Sports Games. The organizers are planning to hold the contest in three stages.
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Mass race at extreme weather temperature

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The city of Pokrovsk (located 100 km from Yakutsk) is preparing to hold another mass sprint at extreme weather conditions. This year about 300 athletes from all over the Republic are going to cover the distance of 3 km at a temperature of minus 29 degrees.

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Odd Haugen to attend First Mas Wrestling Championship

The Yakutsk-based TRIUMPH Center for Sports Training is to host the first World Mas Wrestling Championship. The lists of the national teams are already know, as well as the dates of their arrivals.

Among foreign participants, one of the favorites of the Championship is the national team of the United States, led by the legendary bodybuilder Odd Haugen. Mr. Haugen is one of the strongest people, the leader of the Strongmen global movement, and a mas wrestling fan.
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Georgy Balakshin Released Book

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Recently Moscow publishing house PressPass (LLC "Press Code") with the support of the Ministry of Sports of Yakutia released a book "Anatomy of boxing".Author - Honored Master of Sports, Olympic bronze medalist and World Cup, three-time European champion and six-time champion of Russia Georgy Balakshin, "Sport of Yakutia"newspaper reported.
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