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CHEER Festival: Positive energy of ALROSA in Yakutsk

Nastroenie Yakutsk
The CHEER Festival of ALROSA, which is very popular in the Mirny district, will scale up next week in Yakutsk. April 18 - 20, master classes in acrobatic rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie and breakdancing and a gala concert Trust, Dream, Fly will be held in the ‘50 Years of Victory’ Palace of Sports.

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Reindeer Herder's Day


Olenek hosted a national Evenk holiday - Reindeer Herder’s Day. This is a spring holiday praising the national traditions and customs, culture, history and spiritual values of the people.

Tiksi to become a reference point for NSR safety

tiksi 01

Further development of the Tiksi sea port in Yakutia is connected with the issues of ensuring the security of the Northern Sea Route (NSR), said the head of the region Aisen Nikolaev on April 9 at 5th International Arctic Forum The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue, reports TASS.

Aisen Nikolaev: Great attention to Russian Arctic will also affect Yakutia

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The theses voiced by Vladimir Putin at 5th International Arctic Forum suggest that correct and attentive state policy towards the Russian Arctic will be of great importance for Yakutia as well. This was stated by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev following the results of the plenary session with the participation of the President of the country, reports YSIA.