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Sevastopol: Pyotr Naumov came in

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October 17, 2014 in Sevastopol completed an unprecedented long-range single marathon of known Yakut runner, supporter of extremal sports, visually impaired Pyotr Naumov. He visited cities-heroes and cities of military glory of Russia, having dedicated his marathon to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and the memory of the Yakut soldiers, who died on Lake Ilmen in 1943.The length of the route, including the cities of St. Petersburg, VelikyNovgorod, Rzhev, Tula, Moscow, Novorossiysk, Kerch, Sevastopol was about 4000 km.
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“Diamond way” to “Diamond Week”

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - the largest constituent of the Russian Federation, which has no analogues in the world neither by its size nor by natural and climatic conditions.These unique features of the region are actively used for the development of the tourism industry.The seriousness of the attitude to tourism in Yakutia is proved by the fact that the relevant ministry of the Government of the Republic is engaged in its development and a specially designed operator - National Tourist Company "Yakutia".This careful attention to this area of the economy has been resulted in the emergence of a number of successful brands targeted at attracting visitors from different regions of Russia and abroad.One of the most striking and impressive brands is the traditional "Diamond Week of Yakutia".
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Innovators of Yakutia appeared in Skolkovo: StartUp Village

On June 3, in Skolkovo Hypercube the Startup Village Conference completed. Within two days, investors, entrepreneurs and guests studied the latest achievements in the field of innovation, debated on energy, nuclear, medical and digital technologies, and at the end the best projects were awarded checks for hundreds of thousands of rubles.The event set the goal to provide a platform for innovators to engage with local and international investors, major technology corporations, to obtain information on existing tools of support from key members of the innovation ecosystem.
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Yakut Tusulge in American Park


During the festival of the Sakha culture in America, held at venues of Gualala Arts Center, Fort Ross State Historic Park and Gualala Point Regional Park
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Lovely "Sinyaya" - through photographer’s eyes

The Nature Park "Siine" is located in the southeastern part of the Central Siberian Plateau on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).For tens of kilometers stretch wondrous rocky river-banks called "Pillars" up to 70-100 meters high, forming figures of the most intricate shapes.Here there is an amazing combination of magnificent places, creating fabulous scenes of nature.
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From World Museums with Love

The preparation and publication of the system catalog "Material and spiritual culture of the peoples of Sakha-Yakutia of XVII - beginning of XX cc. in museums around the world" has started. The committee members discussed the work done, outlined new plans.
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Eco-tourism on the Lena Pillars

Executive Group of the Nature Park "Lena Pillars" took part in the First Russian-Chinese EXPO within the 25th anniversary of Commerce and Economic Fair in Harbin.Following the Exhibition-Fair the management of the Park is preparing several large-scale projects.
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