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Tourism information

Diamond Way of Yakutia

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The list of tourist routes of Yakutia is supplemented with a new original trip - the administration of the Myrninsky district developed a tour route on the history of the "diamond track," TASS reports. The tour route includes the natural park Living Diamonds of Yakutia, Holy Trinity Cathedral, D.I. Savrasov Kimberlites Museum, MIR quarry and other sights of the diamond region.

Yakutia is a popular region for ethno-tourism


Yakutia is included in Top 10 popular Russian regions for ethno-tourism, according to the TourStat Analytical Agency, which identified most popular regions of ethnographic tourism in Russia. The rating is based on data from the analysis of ethnographic offers and ethnographic festivals.

Attractions of Yakutia: the Sinyaya River Pillars

Sinyaya pillars

Tourists and lovers of natural beauty pay thousands of dollars to look at the ancient limestone pillars in the county of Wales, and they are completely unaware that in Yakutia there are much more fabulous rocks, and a trip to this pristine region is much cheaper.