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Evgeny Chekin: Goal is to increase the tourist flow

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Chairman of the Government of the Republic Evgeny Chekin outlined the main guidelines for the industry development in the region at the meeting of the Coordinating Council for Tourism. According to him, the main task should be to increase the number of foreign tourists and guests from other regions of Russia who want to visit Yakutia.

"I would propose to consider the issue of tourism development not as a process of preparation for the moment when tourists come to us. This will not allow to develop the market. We have the basic infrastructure and routes. It is necessary to learn how to attract tourists to Yakutia, and the state should do it, because private business cannot do it abroad - it is expensive and organizationally requires certain resources. We do not have big operators that can make money on incoming tourism, since everyone specializes in a narrow direction," said Evgeny Chekin.

According to the Prime Minister, authorities should carefully study the features of the tourism industry: "When developing the industry, it is necessary to focus on inbound tourism, as this improves the quality of services for guests. This bundle will allow targeting of state support instruments for the expansion of access to tourist channels."

The head of the Cabinet noted that the main goal is to increase the tourist flow. "If people stay with us for a long time, there will be money and investors. Companies will begin to interact with each other," said Evgeny Chekin.

He added that it is necessary to revise the Strategy for the development of tourism, to add more specifics and figures to the document. Until 2030, there is enough time to make a serious breakthrough.

The Prime Minister praised the members of the Coordination Council for the suggestions made and asked everyone to meet in two weeks to evaluate the revised version of the Strategy. Thus, we can say that tourism will be given more attention, because earlier the Coordination Council used to meet twice a year.