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‘Lena Pillars’ Natural Park Will Be Open All Year Round


This year the park was visited in total by 14.5 thousand people from February to September.

The ‘Lena Pillars’ Natural Park will start welcoming tourists in the year-round mode in 2018. In the winter of 2017 4.5 thousand tourists visited the ‘Lena Pillars’ Natural Park while it worked in the test mode.

According to the park administration, the area of Labydja attracts biggest interest among tourists because of the observation deck and developed recreational infrastructure there. Since 2014 the number of visitors has almost doubled – from 6707 to 12881.

The ‘Lena Pillars’ is a geological formation and the natural park of the same name on the bank of the Lena river. Its length is 524 km, its height reaches 200 m.  In the mid-eighties during archeological excavations in the mouth of the Diring-Yuryakh stream the settlement of the prehistoric “Diring” people was found in the territory of the park.