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Yakutia hit the rating of most popular tourist regions

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The TurStat Analytical Agency compiled a rating of the most popular tourist regions of Russia in 2017. The rating is presented according to the analysis of tourism in the regions of Russia.

Yakutia, which was visited by almost 200 thousand tourists last year, is in the top 60 regions for domestic tourism.

According to Turstat, Krasnodar region with 15.8 million tourists, Moscow region with 14.1 million tourists, Crimea (5.4 million), Primorye (more than 4 million), Vladimir region (more than 4 million), Yaroslavl region (3.6 million), Tatarstan (3.1 million), Vologda region (2.9 million), Tyumen region (2.8 million) and Sverdlovsk region (more than 2.5 million) entered the top 10 most popular among tourists of the Russian regions.