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‘Lena Pillars’ Nature Park opens winter season

Lena Pillars Winetr season
On February 25 the ‘Lena Pillars’ Nature Park hosted the opening ceremony of the winter tourist season, the Ministry of Nature Protection said.

Minister Sakhamin Afanasiev congratulated the guests on the significant event.

"Last year, about people visited the ‘Lena Pillars’ Nature Park. It proves that the park is a favorite holiday destination for many tourists. We do everything possible to ensure that the park continues to develop dynamically, to be comfortable for residents and guests of the republic," he said.


Director of the 'Lena Pillars' Nature Park Arkady Semenov said that the tourist season opens with a view of the comments and suggestions of the population.

"This year, we built "Ice Town" to create conditions for winter tourism on the territory of the park, local entrepreneurs from nearby landscapes are engaged  in providing services for riding on horseback and snowmobiles, hot meals, etc."

In addition, on this day the winners of the Ice Sculptures Contest "Legends of the Lena Pillars" were named.

Last year, the ‘Lena Pillars’ Nature Park held a winter tourist season in the test mode. In the near future the park will go on to year-round operation.