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‘Journey to the Pole of Cold’ recognized as Best Regional Project


The event tour "Journey to the Pole of Cold," traditionally covering Churapcha, Taatta, Tompo and Oimyakon districts, has won the 'Best Regional Project' nomination of the 'Crystal Compass' national prize, according to the website of the award.

"Journey to the Pole of Cold" is an informative and entertaining festival that takes place in several uluses of the republic. Its program includes a car journey as part of a rally-raid. For a few days tourists overcome about 2000 km (Yakutsk - Oimyakon - Yakutsk), they take part in the Yakut rite of purification, get acquainted with the culture and way of life of the northern peoples, meet with the Lord of the Cold Chyskhaan. Every year the festival becomes a center of attraction for foreign tourists, who are attracted by the unusual northern way of life and the beauty of nature. In 2017, Oimyakon was visited by about a thousand tourists from China, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, the United States.

"Journey to the Pole of Cold" is a unique tourist project of Russia due to the richness of historical and cultural and ethnic coloring, the scale of the territories that are subject to passage and study by the project participants.

The head of the Oimyakonsky ulus, Mikhail Zakharov, and the head of the regional culture department, Anisia Sivtseva, are listed on the site as authors of the project. May 20 the authors of the best projects in 10 nominations will be awarded with silver and crystal figurines.

"Crystal Compass" National Award has been awarded since 2012. It is a prestigious international award in the field of geography, ecology, preservation and promotion of natural and historical-cultural heritage. It is designed to find and show the best modern achievements and practical projects aimed at preserving the natural and historical-cultural heritage of our country, to show the guidelines for the development of the state and society, based on the best Russian achievements. 1.531 projects from 35 countries and 84 regions of Russia have entered for the time of the competition. More than 1.6 million people took part in the special nomination "Recognition of the public," where the winner is determined by Internet voting.