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New tourist routes in Yakutsk

New tourist routes in Yakutsk
It is planned to create tourist routes in four directions within the popular program of Comfortable City: culture-related, ethnographic, gastronomic and route of the weekend.

"Tourist routes will cover the main attractions, churches, historical parks, museums, theaters, cinemas. The major route will be laid along the central streets, and the routes of the weekend will be in the suburbs,” said the head of the Roads Department of the District Administration of Yakutsk Valery Domotov.

Tourist routes will be collected in a single directory. In addition to general information about the architecture and culture of the capital, there will be useful information: urban services phone numbers, work schedule of the municipal enterprises, bus fares, and more.

The general public takes an active part in creating the routes. In connection with this, the Mayor's Office organized the ‘Best Tourist Route 2018’ Contest.

"In Yakutsk, there are many amazing places that are interesting not only for tourists, but for the residents themselves. Our goal is to tell about them and show our capital from another, unusual side," Domotov said.

The directory will be distributed at the airport, hotels and other places. The project pays off thanks to sponsorship. The organizers are sure that this project will be useful for tourists, and will also help raise the service sector to a higher level.