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Yakutsk - Thailand direct flights

Flights to Thailand
Flights will be performed on Fridays

Starting from November 2, Nordwind will start operating flights from Yakutsk to Krabi (Thailand). The airline will also continue to operate flights to Cam Ranh (Vietnam). Flights in both directions will be made through Irkutsk on Fridays.

Note that the airline also operates direct flights Yakutsk - Moscow - Yakutsk. You can fly from Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to Yakutsk on Fridays, from Yakutsk to Moscow - on Saturdays. According to the winter schedule, Nordwind will perform the Yakutsk - Krasnoyarsk - Moscow flight on Wednesdays, and the flight to Moscow via Novosibirsk - on Fridays. Boeing 737 aircraft will serve the all these flights.

The Nordwind airline was founded in 2008 and carries 150 thousand passengers a week to 59 cities in 12 countries of the world. Nordwind and Yakutsk Airport are long-term partners.