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'Northern Mosaic’ Tourist Cluster can become part of ‘Kangalassy’ ADZ

Tour cluster
In 2018, the largest rope park in the Far East was opened as part of the cluster. Photo: YSIA

This will allow attracting new investors to the project

The ‘Northern Mosaic’ tourist cluster can be included in the structure of the ‘Kangalassy’ Advanced Development Zone. This will create additional incentives for the expansion of the cluster and attract investors.

The ‘Northern Mosaic’ cluster is created as part of the federal target program – ‘Development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia’.

- We see the 'Northern Mosaic' as all-the-year-round tourist complex, there we plan to develop event, extreme, gastronomic and ethnographic tourism, as well as affordable family holidays, - said Irina Gargach, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism.

In 2018, the largest rope park in the Far East, which is popular with residents and guests of the republic, was opened as part of the cluster.

The creation of the 'Kangalassy' ADZ began in 2015. In the industrial park on the territory of the similarly-named village it is planned to create an industrial complex for construction and housing and communal services.