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Yakutia's three tourist events hit TOP 200 Best Events of Year

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The tourism industry development of the regions and the degree of their tourist attractiveness are assessed according to several criteria: the level of development of the hotel business and infrastructure, the importance of the tourism industry in the regional economy, the profitability of the tourism industry and hospitality in the region, etc.

The ranking is compiled for the fourth time. This year, all 85 regions of the country took part in the survey. 16 events in six Far Eastern regions were included in the TOP-200 Best Events of the Year, defined by the National Events Calendar

Three events have been selected in Yakutia. This is the Pole of Cold 2019 Festival in the Yakut village of Oymyakon, Ysyakh of Tuymaada Republican National Holiday and Taste of Yakutia Gastronomic Festival.

The TOP-200 Best Events competition is held annually to identify the most successful event tourism projects in Russian regions. This year, 2.500 applications from 74 regions of Russia were submitted for the status of National Event of the Year.

According to the organizers, the events that are included in the TOP-200 will receive active informational support in the framework of the National Event Calendar project. Announcements of national events are not only published on the official portal and on social networks, but also distributed to market participants: tourist information centers, travel agencies, hotels, and also the national tourist offices of Visit Russia abroad.