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Extreme tours in Yakutia are in high demand

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This year representatives of the tourism industry of Yakutia mark a high demand for extreme tours to the Cold Pole in Oymyakon, where sub-zero air temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius, reports TASS.

The peak is at the end of December - the beginning of January with the arrival of 50-degree frosts. It should be noted that there is a great interest in extreme tours to the cold pole in the Oymyakon district. This year, there is a high demand for tours, but the final results will be summarized at the end of the season,” TASS was told at one of the travel agencies of the region.

Local historian and hostess of the guest house in the village of Oymyakon Tamara Vasilieva confirms the high demand for tours. “I work directly with ten travel companies. This year alone I received travelers from Colombia, China, South Korea, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russian regions. Of course, people come to us for the cold. For example, today and yesterday (January 8 and 7) we have 50-degree frosts," she said, adding that tourists are not embarrassed by Spartan conditions, stove heating, lack of improvement, a long way from Yakutsk to Oymyakon on the winter roads - temporary roads on the frozen ice of rivers and lakes.

According to Vasilieva, extreme tourists, researchers, crews of TV channels and documentary filmmakers come to the area, who are primarily interested in extremely low temperatures and everyday life of the population. Locals show ice fishing on the Indigirka River. Special delight among travelers causes swimming in this river, where there are non-freezing hot springs.

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Every year, extreme sportsmen attempt to run in the Yakut winter conditions. Italian policeman Paolo Venturini arrived in Yakutsk on January 7 to try to set a record in the marathon at the lowest possible temperatures. “In the near future I will go there (to Oymyakon) to arrange a race in one of the coldest points of the planet,” he told TASS, noting that he had been preparing for a marathon in the cold for a long time. A doctor, translator, operators and support group will accompany the Italian, he plans to set his record when severe 60-degree frosts come to Oymyakon.