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The Pole of Cold sums up the New Year tours

Cold Pole Results
During the New Year holidays, 70 tourists from foreign countries and more than 100 tourists from other regions of Russia visited the Pole of Cold as part of organized tourist groups

This was announced by the head of the Oymyakon ulus Mikhail Zakharov: “Considering the tourism industry’s demand for extreme tourism, this year we organized a New Year tour to the Pole of Cold for the first time. Thanks to the participation of tour operators and the delegation of the Oymyakon ulus in the business session Tourist Products of RS (Y), specially organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship of Yakutia during the Days of the Far East in Moscow, we managed to attract a large number of tourists who wanted to celebrate the New Year at the Pole of Cold. During the session and subsequent negotiations through the regional ministry of entrepreneurship, trade and tourism, we established partnerships with the Federal Agency for tourism of RF (Rosturizm), declared our unique tourist product at the international level. The event was attended by many leading foreign tour operators."

The head of the Oymyakon ulus reported that these days entrepreneurs, engaged in tourism, are summing up preliminary results, analyzing the state of the industry.

“The success of commercial activities in the tourism market is determined primarily by an attractive tourist product. For this, additional qualified personnel should be trained in Oymyakon ulus, the level of service should be improved, and most importantly, stable communication and transport accessibility of tourist sites should be provided. The New Year's tour of tourists revealed the need to organize regular flights to Tomtor on An-24 airplanes. Our proposals will be sent to the Ministry of Entrepreneurship of the republic, with which we have already generated quite a few common plans. I am sure that the next New Year's tour to the Cold Pole will work out perfectly well," concluded the head of the district.