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Yakutia Business School to develop a program for extreme tourism guides

extreme guide

The possibility of training specialized guides and instructors in extreme tourism in the Yakutia Business School is being considered in connection with the growth of the tourist flow to Oymyakon in winter. This was reported by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic Irina Vysokikh during the live broadcast Government LIVE.

According to the data provided by Mikhail Zakharov, head of the Oimyakon District, 170 tourists visited the Pole of Cold this year. Compared with last year's New Year's tours, their number has almost tripled. Irina Vysokikh connects such a sharp jump in popularity with active work during the Days of the Far East festival in Moscow.

As the minister noted, today the requests of tourists are changing in the direction of “unique places and spirituality,” and Yakutia is an ideal place for these parameters, having great potential to successfully “monetize” the cold.

“We are now exploring the possibility of a separate program for extreme guides in business school. Previously, there was no need for this, travel agencies sent specialists to study outside the republic, but there is a need for such services for such services today,” the minister explained. According to her, tentatively the opportunity to get a new qualification will appear in June of this year.