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'Lena Pillars' Park to open winter tourist season

Lena Pillars Winter Season
Winter road to the foot of the rocks will be built by the end of January

The ‘Lena Pillars’ Nature Park is preparing to open the winter tourist season.

- I want to warn everyone who wants to visit our park in the coming days. The condition of the path to the viewing point is unsatisfactory. This is due to the fact that officially the winter tourist season is not yet open. I ask the visitors to be extremely careful when ascending, - noted the park director Arkady Semyonov on his social network page.

The park will be ready to receive the first tourists of the new season by the end of January. The management of the 'Lena Pillars' plans to build an auto winter road to the foot of the rocks, to organize an ice town, to clear and prepare a climb to the viewing point.