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The Far East to receive 3.7 billion for tourism infrastructure

The federal budget within the state program Development of Culture and Tourism for 2013–2020 provides funds for subsidies to the entities of the Federation to create infrastructure complexes for tourist clusters. 3,696.2 million rubles will be allocated to the Far Eastern regions for 2019-2021. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Due to such state support, new, comfortable hotels, campgrounds, cafes, transport rentals, that is, a normal, full-fledged tourist infrastructure should appear in 24 clusters. Regional authorities need to repair existing facilities, put in order communications, ensure, whenever possible, transport accessibility to places that are interesting for tourists. In short, to bring the clusters into a normal, civilized state so that our and foreign citizens have the desire to come and relax there,” Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, said at today's meeting with the Deputy Prime Ministers.

Yakutia does not claim these funds in connection with a project already underway. At present, within the framework of the federal target program for the development of domestic and inbound tourism, the engineering infrastructure of the Northern Mosaic tourism and recreation cluster in Yakutia is being created. An action plan has been developed for the further development of the Northern Mosaic tourism and recreation cluster, taking into account the need for construction at the expense of the region’s engineering infrastructure, attracting private investors to create tourism infrastructure and bring the cluster to the previously planned capacity.