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How to rest in Vilyuisk: lifehack of ‘Vilyui’ Tourist Center

TurbazaViluy 1
When the holiday season or weekend is approaching, there is always the question of where to go for a vacation. Our republic is rich in picturesque places where you can stop and enjoy the Yakut nature away from the bustle of the city. Tourist Centers are an excellent option for rest both for individuals and for families and friends. One of these wonderful centers is ‘Billekh’ in Vilyui ulus opened by Stepan Kharlampiev.

New tourist routes in Yakutsk

New tourist routes in Yakutsk
It is planned to create tourist routes in four directions within the popular program of Comfortable City: culture-related, ethnographic, gastronomic and route of the weekend.

3 tourist clusters in the Far East

3 tourist clusters in Far East

According to the concept of the federal target program "Development of inbound and outbound tourism in the Russian Federation" in the Far East, three promising tourist integrated investment projects in the sphere of cruise travel are planned: Amur (Khabarovsk Krai, Amur Region, Jewish Autonomous Region), Primorye (Primorsky Krai), Kamchatka-Sakhalin (Kamchatka Krai and Sakhalin Region).

Russian Village in the Center of China

The authorities of the Chinese province of Anhui, where more than 70 million people live, decided to build a "Russian Village" in the area of the world famous Tianzhu Mountain, where Chinese and foreign tourists can get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Russia