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Tourism information

Taste of Yakutia

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Yakutsk hosted III Gastronomic Festival Taste of Yakutia within the frame of ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia' Festival. It was attended by eight of the leading restaurants in the capital: Makhtal, Toto Khana, Mandarin Entertainment Center, Chochur Muran, Evropa Entertainment Center, Mammoth, Ethnographic Complex of the Atlasovs, and Lena Pillars restaurant.

Attractions of Yakutia: Kyuryulyur Waterfalls


Kyuryulyur - small waterfalls on the Menda River in Yakutia. Located on the right bank of the Lena River in the taiga 110 km away from Yakutsk.  Kyuryulyur has become a popular holiday destination in the summer for Yakutsk residents, tourists and guests of Yakutia.

Attractions of Yakutia: Buluus - Mystery of Yakut Nature

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Yakutia, 100 km away from Yakutsk. Mid-summer, scorching sun, the thermometer shows over 35 degrees Celsius. Behind the light gap in the dense forest, one can see a flowing river of pure water beneath the mountain and a layer of ice. This is a unique area of Yakutia where even in the hottest weather ice and snow never melt. The place is called Buluus.

National Geographic: Yakutia is Best

NGEO Yakutia

Every year National Geographic Traveler Awards identifies the ideal place for a holiday. The best countries for adventure tourism are India (18%), the Russian Federation and Malaysia (15%), and Peru (14%).

Attractions of Yakutia: Diring Yuryakh

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Amazingly diverse and literally breathtaking scenery is found in Yakutia at every step. Even it is difficult to list all the beauty that you will be lucky to see if you get there. But, nevertheless, Yakutia can boast of its tremendous historical layer. Especially of those of its least studied period, which in common parlance is called prehistoric times. And one of these places is First Man Place in Diring Yuryakh.

Welcome to Yakutsk!


On YouTube presented the second series of three-minute animated film in Russian which tells about the sights of the big city, located on permafrost - Yakutsk.
The author of the project is young, talented producer Olga Stepanova.

Extreme Northern Yakutia


Unspoilt nature of Yakutia, rich flora and fauna, cuisine, meeting with local residents, the extreme conditions of survival and the ability to touch the unknown, all this leaves a lasting impression on any visitor. Yakutia Today offers to pack a backpack with everything you need and go to extreme trip to the North of Yakutia – Bulun region, located near the Laptev Sea and the Arctic Ocean.