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Must-see in Yakutia


Today Yakutia is celebrating two major dates: Statehood Day of the Republic and World Tourism Day. On the occasion of these dates ‘Yakutia Today’ offers a visit to three unique places located in the heart of the capital.

How to start acquaintance with Yakutia

IMG 0052Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world economy. In recent years, the industry achieved many positive results in the field of domestic and inbound tourism in Yakutia. Largely thanks to entrepreneurs who not only promote their business ideas, think through new tourist routes but also preserve and multiply the unique culture of Sakha people.

Stone people - the Kisilyakh Mountain

19 09

A true masterpiece of Yakutia is the Kisilyakh Mountain. It is located in the Verkhoyansk area on the watershed of the rivers of Yana and Adycha in spurs of the Kisilyakhsky ridge, a part of the mountain system of the Chersky Range. The mountain is 1070 meters above sea level; its length is about 25 kilometers. It is all dotted with columnar cliffs, the average height of which is 25 - 30 meters.

‘Northern Mosaic’ Tourist Project

Cape Tabaga

In 2017, 197 million rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for the implementation of ‘Northern Mosaic’ tourist project of Yakutia.  First of all, funds will be spent on the formation of energy infrastructure, said Deputy Head of Federal Tourism Agency, Nikolai Korolev.

Tukulan – unique Yakut exotics

Tukulany 1

In the middle of Yakut taiga the real deserted dunes stretch on the shores of the northern Lena River. Looking at them any tourist thinks – Am I really on the North? Because many people think of Yakutia as a distant region of Russia out there somewhere in Siberia, where permafrost is accompanied by severe frosts. And sand dunes are in the wrong place.

The Lena Pillars

Lena pillars1
Along the coast of the Lena River vertically elongated rock formations of rare beauty are towering 150 kilometers away from Yakutsk - the Lena Pillars. Their length is 40 kilometers and their height reaches more than 100 meters. These rock formations aged almost half a million years, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists perceive the Pillars as the stone fingers or mighty warriors, the legs of fairy dragon or even a miraculous castle.