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Yakutia Faces the World

The delegation of Yakutia participates in the CAFF Congress

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The regional cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation and the development of specially protected natural territories was discussed during a meeting of the Northern Forum working group chaired by the acting Minister of Ecology of Yakutia Sakhamin Afanasiev in the city of Rovaniemi (Finland).

‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival

Zima nachinaetsya s yakutii
"Winter Starts in Yakutia" Festival will begin on December 1 with a ceremony of lighting the first official Russian New Year tree. The colorful event will be attended by Father Frost from the Great Ustyug, Winter Beauty, Yakut Tchyskhaan and fairy-tale characters. During the ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree Tchyskhaan will give the symbol of the cold to Father Frost in order to make the winter come to all corners of Russia.

Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art in Yakutsk

Arctic bienale

Within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia!’ Festival the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will host Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art November 16 - December 4. Biennale has the character of synthesis of science, art, urban infrastructure, and educational institutions.