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Recipes of 17th century at ‘Taste of Yakutia’ Festival

Vkus Yakutii

Recreating of dishes using recipes of Russian old-timers, who arrived in Yakutia in the middle of XVII century, will be the main event of the only Russian Gastronomic Festival ‘Taste of Yakutia’ to be held in Yakutsk December 1- 4.

Neglected recipes of Russian old-timers of Yakutia, the peoples of the North and the Arctic will be recreated by chefs of best restaurants in the republic. This will help preserve the culture of these peoples, and guests can taste dishes following old recipes that are cooked in modern conditions using the latest technology.

Each restaurant of Yakutsk will offer culinary delights that they still keep a secret.

Also, these days ‘Travel for taste’ International competition of chefs will take place where the participants will cook signature dishes in front of the spectators, conduct master classes, and the producers of local products will organize exhibition and sale. The central event is a feast of stroganina where people will compete in best cutting and serving of frozen fish. In previous years, some people managed to create entire compositions of stroganina.

Welcome to the Festival!