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International Experts Discuss Prospects of Reindeer Herding


Yakutsk is hosting a seminar of the Arctic Council to discuss prospects for the processing and sale of reindeer herding products and the development of entrepreneurship in the industry. Experts and herders from Norway, Denmark and Iceland arrived in Yakutsk.

Ambassador of Norway to Russia Leidulv Namtvedt stressed the importance of preserving and developing traditional activities of indigenous peoples of the North. "Modern people need to extract the experience from the traditional way of life of indigenous peoples, we cannot afford to lose the unique knowledge,"- said the Ambassador.

The head of "Olenek" reindeer farm notes that the reindeer herders of all around the world have much in common:”The seminar gives us the opportunity to exchange experiences with Norwegian colleagues, to learn how they develop the industry, what kind of business they have. This meeting is the arena for the development of joint projects for the benefit of reindeer herding.”