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Readers of National Geographic got interested in photos of twins from Yakutia


National Geographic magazine published a snapshot of twins from the village of Magaras of Gorny Ulus in its Instagram account

It turned out that the photo was taken more than 10 years ago by Simon Roberts, a traveler from England; Vladislav and Vyacheslav Maksimov, captured on it, are now 24 years old.

A post to the photos indicates that the village of Magaras is located in the heart of remote Siberian taiga, 9 thousand kilometers east of Moscow. "The temperature there "jumps" from 30 degrees in the summer to minus 60 degrees Celsius in the winter. In the past, revolutionaries and criminals were usually exiled to these places, and in Soviet times there were countless labor camps. Now Yakutia is better known for its huge reserves of minerals, it ranks second in the world in the extraction of diamonds, gold and other valuable metals. You can see more photos from this cycle in Simon Roberts' Instagram account,” the article says. We add that the author of the picture is an honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society, teaches art.

With mom

NatGeo writes about Yakutia not for the first time, however, any information and beautiful pictures cause a storm of emotions among more than 84 million subscribers. The picture of the Maksimov brothers scored over 202 thousand “likes” and almost 1200 comments. Users are surprised: Why do they, [living in Russia], look like Asians, and not Europeans?; I did not know that Asians live in Russia; Yakut Turks! These guys are amazing! Extreme temperature was not ignored either: “And they got used to it? Amazing!

Some turned to the tragic moments of history: “My grandmother’s family was exiled to Yakutia after World War II. They spent 10 years in camps.” In general, subscribers found the information and comments helpful: “This is really interesting. I learned a lot of new things today. Thanks @natgeo for this post!”.

Vladislav Maksimov

We inquired about the fate of Vladislav and Vyacheslav Maksimov from the village of Magaras, Gorny district. Their mother, Nadezhda Maksimova, told YSIA that they completely forgot about this picture and do not remember exactly when it was made, probably in 2005.

Vyacheslav Maksimov

“Boys are already 24 years old, Vladislav lives in Yakutsk, works in a real estate agency, and together with his wife brings up one-year-old daughter. Vyacheslav lives in his native village, serves in the fire brigade, is married, has two children. There are five children in our family: four sons and a daughter, the twins are the youngest,” Nadezhda Maksimova shared with the YSIA correspondent.