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The delegation of Yakutia participates in the CAFF Congress

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The regional cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation and the development of specially protected natural territories was discussed during a meeting of the Northern Forum working group chaired by the acting Minister of Ecology of Yakutia Sakhamin Afanasiev in the city of Rovaniemi (Finland).

Also at the meeting were considered applications for participation in the competition of the Northern Forum projects.

Opening the meeting, Sakhamin Afanasiev noted that in recent years international cooperation has significantly increased: regional PAs have become part of international systems, work is underway on environmental monitoring, biodiversity conservation, cooperation of northern zoos and environmental education.

He expressed hope that the joint work and development of projects for the support and development of regional PAs will consolidate efforts to preserve unique and typical natural complexes and facilities, the integration of specially protected natural territories into the socio-economic development of regions.

The meeting took place on October 8 on the eve of the annual Congress on Arctic Biodiversity, the working group of the Arctic Council for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), which started in Rovaniemi on October 9.

The day before, a joint event was held between the working group of the Northern Forum and the International Youth Ecological Forum at the University of Lapland. Participants discussed biodiversity conservation in the Arctic and developed the MEF-2018 Declaration.