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Love at first sight - Love story of a model from Nigeria and a photographer from Yakutsk (photo / video)

Tetteh Dima
26-year-old Ruth Tetteh and 30-year-old Dmitry Makrygin told reporters an amazing love story and how they live in Yakutsk

They met six years ago in Saint Petersburg. Dmitry was on vacation for a few days. Ruth just received an economics degree, graduating from St. Petersburg University. She walked in the park in the last days, as she thought, before leaving for Nigeria.

Tetteh Dima 2

“I went out for a walk with a camera. I saw a tearing beauty and began to photograph from afar, by stealth. I did not plan to come up to her, she was too beautiful. At one point, she noticed me, smiled and waved to me. She has a completely different mentality: positive and open. I approached her, we talked. And here my English played an important role. Mum has been actively involved in my education since the age of four, at this age I started to speak English, it became my second native language,” claims Dmitry.

"I was walking in the park in the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg, and noticed that a young man taking pictures of me. I was indignant, why he did it without permission. I waved to him, he approached, apologized and asked permission to take several shots. He was very polite and nice in communication, and I was very surprised by his English: I have never before met a person who lives in Russia and is fluent in English. It impressed me and I felt very comfortable, as if I was at home in my own country. That day we walked until late, we talked a lot, and Dima photographed me endlessly," tells Ruth.

“It was love at first sight; it was a spark of love. That's how our romance started. She needed to fly away, but she stayed in Saint Petersburg for me. My vacation was over, I had to leave. She waited for me for seven months, on New Year's Eve we met again. I went to her every vacation, twice a year. I then had another job, very important one. I could not give up everything and move to Petersburg. It lasted that way for five years. We were in limbo, like heroes of a romantic melodrama. Then we decided to radically change life: I quit, got married,” says Dmitry.

Tetteh 1

Tetteh 2

Tetteh 3
In February 2018, he flew to St. Petersburg, where Rusi lived (her name for close relatives) to make her a surprise. Dmitry asked his best friend Vladimir to arrange a meeting for her on a pretext of something. They went to the cafe next to which the teddy bear was dancing. At some point, the bear got down on one knee and pulled out a box with a ring.

In February 2018, Dmitry made an unusual marriage proposal.

A few days later, Dmitry and Ruth arrived in Yakutsk, without telling his parents anything, made a surprise. Dmitry's parents are Soviet-style people, a military father, it was a little difficult for them to accept such an exotic girl as their daughter-in-law. However, Dmitry's mother has long made friends with her on Skype and WhatsApp.

Tetteh Dima 3

“Everything went great. Now Ruth and my father are best friends. Mom dotes on her and says that we are two peas from the same pod. She claims that Ruth and I are the same, even externally. It sounds weird, right? In fact, we are very similar. We immediately forged a bond, we are business-like people, having the same goals and interests. Whatever heights life allows us to reach, we'll take them,” he says.

Tetteh 4

Everyone met, and the barrier disappeared. On February 23, 2018, while saying a toast, Ruth got up and said: “Let's have a wedding in Yakutsk.” May 25, they contracted marriage at the Yakutsk registry office. They decided to celebrate a big wedding in St. Petersburg this year, because it is more convenient for everyone to gather there.

“Now we send invitations, we make visas for everyone, it’s difficult. Mom and brothers are going to our wedding. Nigerian wedding is a real doomsday. All are invited, a wedding is celebrated for several days. Before the wedding, the groom gives gifts to the entire family of the bride. On the first day - a wedding in traditional clothes, on the second and the third it is held in the European manner," says Ruth.

"Everything is easy in our relations, we decided to stay in Yakutsk within five minutes and make а marriage. Now we live in Yakutsk, we are implementing several business projects. Ruth often travels from here to Saint Petersburg, where she works at an international model agency, quite successfully, participating in many shows, commercials, but I do photography, just for my own pleasure. I like it. Since April 2013 I have been photographing, I prefer fashion and beauty. The formation of my style was influenced by Ruth,” says Dmitry.

Tetteh 5

Six years ago, Ruth came to Russia to study. She has an economics degree: she completed three courses in Nigeria and came to continue her studies here.

“The standard of living in Nigeria is completely different. All that she has achieved in life - thanks to her will, she is very strong. She is a motivator and inspirer. She was born in the city of Warri. She has three brothers and a sister. We communicate with her family on Skype all the time. I have not traveled to Nigeria myself yet, but we are planning to go there. The situation in Nigeria is very difficult,” says Dmitry.

Tetteh 6
“I used to be insanely cold even in St. Petersburg, but more recently, when I began to fly to Nigeria from time to time on business, I began to wonder how one could live in such a heat. As if my internal temperature conditions changed completely. I remember calling my husband last month from Abuja (the capital of Nigeria - ed.). It was +37 there, and told him: “I’m just dying from the heat, I want to go to Yakutsk as soon as possible, I hope it is minus 50 there,” Ruth laughs.

Tetteh 7
“As for the photo shoot in the Yakut style, we have long planned it. Then we want both in kokoshnik and in Nigerian costume. We have implemented our long-standing idea with Yakut outfits and jewelry.”

Tetteh 8

A couple dreams of children. “I want at least three,” says Dmitry, Ruth smiles: "Maybe for now at least one."

Photo: dayma_photoTetteh Ruth

Source: News.Ykt.Ru